Sending Audio or Video from Apple iPad to AppleTV

We’re about to rig up an iPad in front of our indoor bike trainer so watch Netflix with a better viewing distance and angle while we work out. We have an AppleTV wired up to ceiling speakers, so I was wondering about options for getting louder audio from the iPad (the trainer can be a bit loud).

The Netflix app doesn’t have an Airplay icon built in, so I tried out something I thought would work … I had noted that if I had Airplay set up for music, any other app with audio would play to that same AppleTV destination. Sure enough … select an AppleTV from the Music app, start a Netflix movie, and the movie audio goes to AppleTV. Cool!

Choose a source from Music, and all audio goes to AppleTV

A Better Way to Airplay

This seemed too much of a hack to me, though. Surely, there’s a better way?

I searched a bit online and found the feature that I didn’t know existed. I’m all for not having a manual, but it would have been nice to know about this feature without wondering if it was there. Here’s how you get there:

  • Double-tap the home icon
  • Swipe to the right in the row of icons
  • You’ll see some player controls, but also the Airplay icon
  • From the menu, you can select an AppleTV … but the coolest part is you can mirror your display to that AppleTV, too. This can be great for looking at pictures, video (a bit of a lag on that, though) or browsing the web.
A far better way to set the audio source, plus a way to mirror the display

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