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An Open Letter to Remind.com About Their 140-Character Limit

I wrote this in September 2014, but am posting it here as well. I keep waiting for new releases to include this, as it would be AWESOME! Do you agree? Post in the comments. 

remind-logoI was THRILLED to see all of the features Remind.com has, and set it up for my club. However, it was ultimately vetoed by our head coach who said “140 characters will NOT cut it”. I talked about attachments, links, and frankly editing oneself, since in this world, brevity is art, to no avail. So, I’m going to be stuck with a horrible “communication center” offered by our contact management system.

It got me thinking about what WOULD make your service palatable to people like this (and I fear there are a lot of them). After all, I think a major goal you have would be to (a) gain subscribers and (b) eventually charge some of them for white-label service, added features, etc.

Here’s the one feature that would tip the scales:

I understand the technical constraint for older phones and 140/160 character limits. However, don’t constrain the author. Let them type what they want. For email subscribers, that unconstrained text passes right through and they see the entire contents in email. For text subscribers, text the first 140 characters with a “read more” link to your server, on which they can see the rest of the message on the HTML page along with any attachments.

If you have this in your roadmap, or would consider it, please do let me know. I won’t have to rip my hair out so soon! Your service is so elegant, if it were up to me I’d use it today.

UPDATE: On October 5, 2016, imagine my elation when I read this on the remind.com blog:

We’re introducing a feature we think you’ll like: the ability to send announcements up to 2,500 characters. Now, you can send even longer updates, notes, and assignments without worrying about using too many abbreviations or leaving out important information. Because carriers can jumble up multiple text messages, announcements over 140 characters will be sent as a single text with a mobile link to anything else.

I’m SO happy that remind.com listened to their users. This is a huge improvement, one that I know we’ll enjoy as a club.



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  1. What do I need to do to be able to send a larger txt? I can only get 140 character, this would of be awesome if it let us do I little more

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