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Fitness is one of the things I write most often about. If you’ve been in a race with me, either running or triathlon, you know that I almost enjoy writing the race report more than the actual event! I log most of my workouts in my account over at Strava, so if you’re on that platform, reach out to me! Have fun exploring some of my fitness exploits:

Hive Athlete Ambassador

I am humbled to have been accepted into Honey Stinger’s 2020 Hive Athlete Ambassador Program. Honey Stinger’s fuel is made with delicious honey and organic ingredients so you can push harder and go farther. Read more about my thoughts about fitness as 2019 comes to a close.

RRCA Level 1 Coach

My wife and I are also certified by RRCA as Level 1 running coaches. This certification taught us a lot about the science behind running plans, and gave us the tools to start coaching athletes, whether they’re gearing up for a 5K, a marathon, or something more.

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