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TinyLetter’s going to fit the bill nicely

I’ve been thinking a lot about social media lately: how I consume it, how it distracts me, and how it fulfills me (but does it?). I realized that, despite the delight of scrolling through an endless feed, I rarely derive satisfaction. This is a byproduct of the addictive nature of the medium: it’s designed so you scroll for more, more, and more! Ironically, you end up with less, less, and less.

I’ve concluded, perhaps not uniquely, that “less is more.” I’m craving less quantity and more quality.

  • I love the sites that I subscribe to and get a proactive email when there’s an update.
  • I love jumping on Twitter for the chats that I enjoy (#remotechat and #runchat).
  • I love sharing my own stories about running, remote work, writing, art, and more.

What I don’t love is relying on the scattershot approach of posting what I’m sharing on social media, in the hopes that some people find it useful.

I came across TinyLetter when I subscribed to a friend’s updates lately, and while I use MailChimp for The Art of Working Remotely, this subsidiary service seems to fit the bill for what I want to share. Personal things. Quick things. Witty things. Thought-provoking things. And I want to share those things with the people that opt-in to me sharing it with them. To that end, if you feel like you’re up for a periodic email from me, please do sign up at tinyletter.com/scottpdawson. This is going to be fun!

Want more? Subscribe to my TinyLetter at tinyletter.com/scottpdawson

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