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When Fitness and Software Collide (or, Why I Exercise a Lot)

In addition to being passionate about good web design, I’m also into good, healthy eating and fitness. For the latter, I frequently track my workouts (running, biking, downhill skiing) over at dailymile.com. Something happened recently, though, that made me pause and think about how something like this (below) could happen.

Time to work out again!

The going joke among my dailymile friends is that if you are away long enough, the site will send you an email to say just how much you’re missed. I’ve seen this happen for friends that had been offline for awhile (weeks or more). I ran a marathon 2 weeks ago, and in the aftermath of business travel and recuperation from running, hadn’t logged a workout. The day I received this email, though, I had done a workout in the morning and logged in on the site. That afternoon, I got the “we miss you” email, but it was the contents that made me laugh (take a closer look above).

“Your friends miss your training :(“

“Your last workout was about 6 hours ago”

I’m into fitness, but not THAT into fitness! So, as letters cross each other in the mail, my workout post crossed the “we miss you email”, but not before the server could interrogate my profile and learned I hadn’t been on in (about) 6 hours.

So, dailymile friends, cool your jets. It’s only been a few hours since my last workout. 😉

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