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I was fortunate to receive this beautiful piano as a graduation gift from my parents when I graduated from college in 1995. I enjoyed using it when I went to graduate school, lived on Long Island upon graduation, and moved through 3 different apartments on my way to my current home. At the end of its 25-year run, the piano's damper pedal port failed and the display had dimmed to the point of illegibility (despite changing the battery once). In short, it had lived a full life.

Instead of discarding the unit, and knowing that I couldn't sell it (seriously, it weighs like 80 pounds, and 25 years is like 200 years in synth time), I decided to break it down and recycle it. I was sufficiently fascinated by the internals that I took a ton of pictures as I broke it down. Here's where it all went:

  • All metal, screws, key weights, and green board: scrap recycling center, which basically gave enough compensation to cover the round trip to the scrap recycling center
  • Wood end caps and base: to my shop for future use
  • Plastic piano keys: C/D/E and connecting black keys up-cycled into Christmas ornaments! The other keys are still here in a box for potential future crafts.

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