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I have been working on my writing since early 2017, and have two books in varying stages of completion. The first is a book about remote work, and I’m working on getting it published. The second is a book for tween readers, and is being enjoyed by several beta readers as I write this.

In the meantime, I enjoy writing longer posts on this site, and have plans to publish other creative fiction and poetry in the coming months and years. My wife and I have been getting up at 5 each morning, spending a half hour doing things that need doing. For me, that time of day is ripe for getting good writing done. It’s quiet, peaceful, and caffeine-fueled time. The perfect ingredients for a good story.

Here are some writing pieces from this site. Not surprisingly, mostly about running!

My #365DayDraw project also had a writing component. Each month, I wrote a story to accompany the winning drawing, as chosen on social media. The collection of twelve stories was therefore improvised over a year, very much informed by my own sketches.