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First off, I write a weekly newsletter at It’s all about remote work, drawing daily, and other observations about living in this modern world. Do yourself a favor and subscribe!

Handbook for the Modern Worker (365 Daily Tips)

I wrote a tip for "distributed workers" every day in 2021. By the end of the year, I realized I had created something rather special, and decided to publish it in the form of a handbook.
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The Art of Working Remotely

The Art of Working Remotely is about my experience working from home since 1998. That's 25 years of remote work! I published it on July 25, 2019, and it's had a fantastic reception in the remote work community.
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I finished writing my debut fiction novel, Undo, in September 2021. It's currently with beta readers and I cannot wait to bring it to a wider audience!
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My #365DayDraw project had a writing component. Each month, I wrote a story to accompany the winning drawing, as chosen on social media. The collection of twelve stories was improvised over a year, informed by my sketches.

Other Writing

I also enjoy writing posts on this website. My wife and I get up early each morning and spend at least a half hour doing creative things. That's my prime time for writing. It's a quiet, peaceful, and caffeine-fueled time: perfect ingredients for a good story. Here are selected posts from this site. Not surprisingly, mostly about running!