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The Handbook for the Modern Worker covers the entire range of concerns for anyone not working in a traditional office environment — communication, discipline, health, performance, managing up, managing others, leading meetings, professional development, quality workspaces, and networking. As a compendium of 365 tips, they’re a fantastic resource for anyone working in this modern world. They’ll help you level up your working game, regardless of where, when, or how you do it. It's literally a handbook – postcard-sized at 4x6" - and let's face it ... it's just cute.

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About the Book

On January 1, 2021, I set a goal to write 365 practical and unique tips about thriving as a distributed worker. Here’s what I wrote on that day.

I'll be publishing a helpful work or life-related tip every day in 2021. By the end of the year, it should be rather impressive to look back at 365 (hopefully inspiring) pieces of advice. They'll be related in some way to success at work or life, with a distinct leaning toward thriving in a distributed workplace. The very first one is directly related to this goal. It's all about taking that first, crucial step, no matter your goal.

I posted tips on Twitter and LinkedIn every day. Before January was up, I doubled my cadence: for every daily tip I wrote, I wrote one for later in the year. Some tips are from my book and others are new, garnered from my own experiences over the last few years. The tips will help you level up your working game, regardless of where, when, or how you do it. On July 19, my list met in the middle of my spreadsheet. Mission accomplished!

From the Author

Who's This Modern Worker, Anyway?

Features an exhaustive index

Features an exhaustive index

The modern worker isn't a popular term at the moment when it comes to describing remote work, distributed work, or hybrid teams … but it should be. The workplace is always in flux. Technology evolves. Teams change. Industries adapt. We communicate asynchronously. Workforces can be entirely virtual, or hybrid with some together, some apart. The world seems smaller and larger, all at the same time. And as the pandemic showed us, geography doesn’t have to dictate how we get work done. We all play in this constantly evolving sandbox, and that makes us modern workers.

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