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Earlier this year, we decided to upgrade our bikes in anticipation of intermediate-distance triathlons. We worked with Anthony Lester at Cayuga Ski & Cyclery, who deftly shepherded us through the process of selecting, road testing and ordering bikes that turned out to be perfect for us.

Anthony was patient with our questions, and helped guide us to a pair of bikes: the Giant Defy Advanced 2 and the Liv Avail Advanced 2. After a few months of triathlon training, we are SO happy with our purchase.

From start to finish, Anthony was wonderful. He noted that our clipless pedals from our old bikes were better suited for leisure biking or mountain biking, and so we also purchased pedals and shoes more suited for our upcoming riding. He took great care to explain the differences in the clipless pedals they carried, and we opted for a pedal from Time, which has a pre-open clipless system like a ski binding: once you slide your foot onto the pedal, it snaps your cleat into place like a mousetrap. A very nice improvement over what we used to have!

We were also impressed by the 90-day tuneup included with the bike purchase, where Anthony made sure the bike was adjusted properly after a break-in period of riding. He also helped us by properly fitting our kids onto their second-hand bikes.

If you ever need any kind of service, parts or are in the market for a new ride, Cayuga Ski & Cyclery is the place to go!

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