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I've been taking a walk twice a week since the last week of May. Why? My wife and daughter have been on a hike streak since the beginning of New York's coronavirus lockdown. As a runner, I thought it'd be cool to add walking to my repertoire, as both a way to stretch out my legs and add a sort of meditation to the week. I kicked off and ended each work week with a walk. For up to an hour, I was intentional about looking around as I walked, and about focusing on what I was listening to (usually, the New York Times Daily podcast). Michael Barbaro and I are walking buddies!

As a way to aid the "intentional" part of the walk, I made a point to take a picture of something I found remarkable on the walk. Turning them all to black-and-white and amping up the constrast yielded a really fun collection of images. In no particular order, here's a gallery of my favorites.

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