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Every time we do an officials clinic for ski racing with USSA and NYSSRA, a favorite set of videos to start the day come from Hockey Canada and Little League. They tell a great story, and if you're a sports parent, you'll probably really enjoy them. What would it look like if kids behaved like parents at sporting events?

Hockey Canada PSAs: Relax, It's Just a Game

Grocery Store: Go over there and give ‘er a good smack

Traffic Stop: What are you looking’ at, loser?

Potato Sack Race: I want a urine sample from this kid

Pin the Tail on the Donkey: I can’t believe I missed pilates for this

Hide n’ Seek: C’mon, get in. Hustle!

Little League

Why can’t you be more like Jimmy’s Dad?

So, on a serious note, I came across this video titled “How Kids Want Parents to Behave at Youth Sports Events”. What kind of spectator are you?

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