Main image for Spoon River (Various Characters) Time to Read: ~1 min

Spoon River was satisfying on so many levels. I enjoyed getting to know my monologues, and then knowing the nuances of speech that could change their intonation in a heartbeat. Add in some entertaining costumes and each character sprung to life on the stage. An immensely fun production, and ironically one where I had no lines with any other characters! Bryan Root of Motherlode Pictures created a fantastic film of the production, and I've excerpted my roles below.

Franklin Jones 11:30-12:06

Indignation Jones 22:15-23:43

Enoch Dunlap 48:25-49:32

Many Soldiers 54:30-55:52

Knowlt Hoheimer 58:25-59:04

Song - Hard Times Come Again No More 1:32:30-1:35:45

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