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FLRC Virtual Covid-19 Fund Run

The Finger Lakes Runners Club hosted this virtual run to benefit Ian Golden’s Finger Lakes Running Company—Ithaca’s only specialty running shop. The COVID-19 pandemic is hitting small businesses especially hard, and many will struggle to stay afloat without community support. We’ve known Ian for the last 12 years, and are so proud to support him as part of this fund run.

I was inspired by the video Ian shot during his run, so I took to the streets and trails where I live in Trumansburg and paused along the way to take some videos. Here’s the compilation of my 19-mile run.

I mentioned some businesses and places/events of interest during the run. Here’s a list of them for easy linking, too!

Post race cupcake from Emoticakes was a pretty sweet reward, too!

Want to get in on the action? You can sign up through tomorrow, Sunday May 3, at 11p. Whether you run 19 miles, 19 kilometers, or 1.9 miles, the store can certainly use your support!

By the Numbers

Miles: 19.28 (strava track)
Moving Time: 2:51:32
Elapsed Time: 3:09:45
Elevation Gain: 1,466 ft

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