Main image for Rave Run: Taughannock, Post April (Snow) Showers Time to Read: ~1 min

Maybe it was last night's demoralizing treadmill run that made me appreciate this trail run all the more, but I'm so glad I made it to Taughannock today for my hill workout. I went out for a 55-minute effort, descended both rims to the stairs and back. Along the way, I was treated to several things that made me feel particularly blessed to be a runner today:

  • Started off in brilliant sunshine.
  • Thawed trails with a half-inch covering of powdery snow made for slip-free, crunchy footfalls.
  • Just a handful of locals on the trails, no throngs of tourists today.
  • Random slips of mud that didn't take me out, but rather gave my feet a refreshing, cool splash.
  • One point where the gorge filled with flying snow, making for poor visibility and swift blowing snow across my path.
  • Ended in brilliant sunshine.

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