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Since 1996, the origin of this kit was listed as anonymous. It came to Chris Seidel on a piece of paper in the 90's with no attribution and they thought it would make a cool web page. In 2014, Lara M (?) found the originating author, an English teacher at Center Grove High School in Greenwood Indiana named Jerry Maguire. I took a master class on Shakespearean speech from the great J. G. Hertzler in April 2015 and have been intrigued by the bard's insults ever since.

So, as another pandemic development project using React, I created this Shakespeare Insult Generator. It converts three arrays of adjectives and nouns into a delightful random insult that would have thrilled the Bard himself. I embedded it below so you can play with it directly, but you can also link out to it. A few features to note:

  • In the standalone version, the URL carries the phrase you generate so you can email or post it
  • You can lock each word as you like if you hit on a part you want to keep
  • See the project's Github page if you're interested in implementation details

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