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  • May 28, 2020

    How To Create Interactive Maps with React and Leaflet

    After being dedicated mountain pass holders, then Ikon pass holders, then nomads purchasing advance tickets, I thought it'd be cool to create a map-based way of discovering new ski resorts.
  • April 28, 2020

    The Locker Prank

    When I read about this Popular Mechanics Riddle of the Week, I knew I could solve the problem by writing code. After all, I was a math minor in college, but my computer science degree wins out when I'm confronted with something like this.
  • December 29, 2019

    Building a Custom Cake Order Form with React

    I started programming in React when we adopted a React-based framework at my day job earlier this year. My wife's bakery needed to have a better order form. I reasoned that I could take her Google Form and improve the experience.

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