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This week started off with SORE legs, a post-Skunk Cabbage Half symptom I would have rather done without. I see more stretching and yoga in my future! I spent my Monday walking down stairs "funny" and also taking in Monday-night BodyPump (which WAS good fun with Jess calling me out - yes, it turns out I like that).

I kicked off the race training week Tuesday with a 45-minute treadmill run - tactical, nothing fancy, but also not fun. Wednesday brought no respite from training drudgery, with 5x500 hill repeats. Sure, they kicked my ass, but I was beginning to wonder if this was worth it. Then Thursday arrived, and oh, the wonder of trail under these now-refreshed legs. I banged out ~8 miles on the trails at Taughannock, taking special care to step IN the mud puddles along the way, now that I have some proper trial gaiters. I also took special satisfaction in not having to stop on the way up the North Rim, except for those pesky stairs. Must be all that LesMills BodyPump I'm doing at Island Health and Fitness. Friday was a rest day, but that didn't stop me from our happy hour BodyPump followed by a much-needed dinner at Viva, where we celebrated my wife's birthday amid servings of nachos, margaritas, and burritos stocked with tofu and calabacitas. I love saying calabacitas. So fun.

Saturday's long run was epic for me, mostly because it was the longest I've run in years, save the marathon last year, since I was injured and couldn't train past 16. I ran 16+ solo miles on road and trail, between my house and Taughannock's trails. I rounded out the week with an hour-long shakeout run Sunday, and am now plugging next week's training in to the calendar. So, week 4 is in the books, and week 5 beckons!

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