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The countdown is in the single digits: just 6 more days ’til race day! Hard to believe that just 3 weeks ago, my weekly mileage was DOUBLE what it is now in taper. I focused on doing some cross-training this week in addition to my running plan, including a 14-mile bike with Amy, Skier’s Edge, yoga and a lot of leisure walking (16+ miles) during a pleasure trip to New York City.

I had a variety of running workouts this week, all relatively modest distances, but different focus areas:

6 mile Easy Run @Taughannock: Humid! Enjoyed doing 2 rim loops at Taughannock, using the camp road instead of the stairs on the North side each time.

5x500 Hill Repeats @Taughannock South Rim: Disgustingly humid and wet! These were my LAST hill repeats of my plan, so done is done.

1:30 Timed Run @Taughannock: Rim/base/rim x 2, including the camp road. Wet, humid ... and surreal! It was dawn and foggy/cloudy, and under the treed canopy the trails were quite dark. It gave me an appreciation of what 100 milers must feel as the sun sets on their first day, knowing that darkness is imminent, their headlamp is going to need to come out soon, and they're only halfway done with their run. Thank goodness mine was only 90 minutes this morning!

Midday 5K (Fast): Made up a 5K run on the roads around my neighborhood. Ran at high noon with the sun beating down, but I only needed to be in it for ~23 minutes, so that was some consolation.

Just 4 more running workouts before 50K day ...

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