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What a study in contrasts this week was, weather-wise!

Tuesday was hot and humid, and my evening run on the Black Diamond trail felt SO difficult as a consequence. My pace felt 1:30 faster than I actually ran, the way my body was feeling. Wednesday’s run was better, mostly because I chose a route I’d never done before: all road, from Ithaca Mall down through Cayuga Heights to Ithaca High, and then back up. Thursday’s temperatures moderated a bit and I enjoyed that while running the trails at Taughannock. Thankfully the week’s weather washout hit Friday, where I was able to stay dry on my rest day. Amy and I did take in a BodyPump class Friday night, though, which provided a much-needed core workout. Chased that up with some good margaritas and burritos with friends at Viva!

Saturday’s long run was just 16 miles, since this is a fallback week for me. It was a great run! I ran from my house to Taughannock, rim/base/rim, rim/base/rim reverse, and back to the house. The falls' mist at the base was amazingly refreshing both times, and I had fun playing in the puddles on the base trail. Wore my compression socks and Dirty Girls too, and they kept me nice and debris-free. Sunday’s medium-effort hour-long run was just bearable, since I bookended it with a lot of yard work. My legs are SO spent as I write this! No amount of beer is going to help, but I’m going to test that hypothesis anyway.

More to come next week!

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