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Lizerd (Lizard) Stickers

These stickers are my first foray into the world of illustration. I’ve had Adobe Illustrator on my desktop for some time, but only recently started to put it to use. I was massively inspired by Von Glitschka‘s lynda.com course titled “Drawing Vector Graphics“. It was both a practicum in how to set up my Illustrator program for maximum productivity, but also in identifying the process of going from concept to reality with your illustrations.

I have several projects in the pipeline, but this one is near and dear to my heart. It started as a brainstorming session for a nickname for my daughter Elizabeth, who loathes being called “Liz”, and her initials, “ERD”. Therefore, the moniker “Lizerd” came to life!

Step 1: Sketch

I started with some sketches, iterating a few concepts before arriving at the one I would get to work with in Illustrator.

lizerd sketch
Here’s the scanned sketch, after tracing over pencil with a PaperMate flair



Step 2: Digitize

I had a lot of fun in Illustrator getting the paths right, and then working with different color combinations that really made the design what it is.

The final sketch, fully vector illustrated and colored
The final sketch, fully vector illustrated and colored

Step 3: Order

I decided to get a variety of sticker sizes for my daughter to use. stickermule.com was terrific, both with composing sticker sheets that had different sizes, and with a nice quality product!

Sticker sheets from stickermule.com
Sticker sheets from stickermule.com

You can find more of my illustrations over at dribbble.com/scottpdawson

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