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This was a pullback week in terms of the long run being 4 miles shorter than last week; the coming week has me shooting for a 22-mile long run on the weekend!

Monday was a much-needed rest day, so my week's workouts started with an hour and a half timed run on Tuesday. I do love running to Taughannock's Rim Trail from the house, and count on that for a good hill workout when my run is supposed to be 9 miles or longer. Wednesday was a 45-minute easy pace, which Amy and I got in together after dark, with headlamps. The day's rain broke long enough for us to have a mostly dry (well, misty) run, and it was really nice to catch up. Thursday I did an hour of hill work over on Curry and Searsburg, racking up another 7.5 miles. Friday was another much-needed rest day, gearing up for my second time wearing my FLRTC singlet at Saturday's May Day 5M.

I did a post-race report on the May Day 5M, which was a family affair. I was so proud of my wife Amy (one of the race co-directors) with her 1st Female Masters in the 5K, and I was also proud of myself for the 1st Male Masters in the 5M. Both of my kids got in on the action, too, with wonderful performances by both of them. It's always a great community race. If you're in the Ithaca & Trumansburg area for this race, you should totally add it to your calendar. Check out more details at Since I raced 5 miles on Saturday, I counted that as my Sunday medium-effort 1 hour run, and chose to get my 16-mile run in on Sunday. It was difficult, being lunchtime and all, but I got it done, and wrapped up week 7 of 50K training.

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